Holloway Group

What We Do


There are many ways to build a positive and productive workplace culture and climate, and rarely do we start from a cohesive place. Differences are healthy and necessary for personal and organizational growth– but only if they are well managed or worked through to resolution. We help our clients do that, and we help them view differences not merely as problems to be solved, but rather, as the stepping stones they are. No single methodology fits all, but always, we strive to improve the current situation through such things as mediation focused on mutual benefit, facilitated conversations, the refinement of organizational processes and systems, and the adoption of new practices. More, we provide the coaching and skills training to move forward confidently from our sessions together. Charting rough waters requires experience, information, and a steady hand– we’re here to ensure you make it through, together.

Testimonial: Vancouver Coastal Health

 Stacey creates a safe environment.

Stacey has an amazing ability to authentically validate different peoples’ conflicting emotions to their complete satisfaction. In so doing she creates a safe environment to explore and resolve conflict for individuals and/or groups. You will not find a more experienced and successful conflict resolution practitioner, educator or coach.


How We Can Help:

  • Facilitated Conversations – Facilitating critical conversations between individuals, or between teams, is more involved than just recording what people say. Dialogue builds agreement and action.
  • Pre-Mediation Coaching – In an effort to make mediation more effective, especially in high conflict situations, we offer pre-mediation coaching that includes teaching and practicing skills in managing emotions, flexible thinking, and moderating behaviour.
  • Mediation – We provide our clients with practical, accessible, and affordable choices to prevent, manage, and resolve disputes.
  • Workplace Climate Interventions – We investigate workplace climate, identifying factors contributing to climate issues. From there, we come up with practical approaches to improve what it feels like to work where you work.