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Culture & Climate

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organization– it’s what makes your organization unique. Having a great workplace culture is rare, but we’re experienced in working with you to create a culture where people are waiting in line to join you. Workplace climate — how people work together and what how it feels like to to work where you work in an organization is central to satisfaction and performance. With an eye to each group’s individual needs and values, we’re interested in fostering respectful and inclusive workplaces– it’s about getting from A to B in a way that leaves everyone feeling valued.

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Inspirational and transformative.

Holloway Group completely transformed my thinking on conflict and communication in both professional and personal relationships. Stacey provided our teams with mindsets, processes, skills and phrasing which are still used, literally, on a daily basis in my work and in every team and company that Stacey has touched. As a result, 7 years ago our company asked Stacey to provide annual training to all of our new employees in handling conflict productively with confidence, empathy and collaboration. Stacey’s knowledgeable, entertaining, humble and self-effacing facilitation has consistently inspired our team-members to collaborate constructively, even in the most challenging situations. I recommend Stacey unreservedly to help any organization become more respectful, more collaborative, more solutions-oriented and, ultimately, significantly more productive.

Culture & Climate

How We Can Help:

  • Assessment of Current Culture & Climate – Assessing your culture and climate allows you to know where you’re starting from, and enables strategies that are based on your current needs and core values.
  • Values Development – Helping groups get clear on what it is they value can assist you in aligning personal values and help your organization or team make decisions, and understand acceptable behaviours.
  • Establishing Climate Goals – It’s not enough to define values, people need to understand what those values look like behaviourally, and commit to measuring this on a regular basis.
  • Action Plan Development – Low scoring climate goals need to be addressed with an action plan for improvement.
  • Conflict Management Systems – The cost of resolving conflict is negligible, in comparison to the cost of leaving conflicts unresolved. A conflict management system can be strategically tailored, and customized to support the needs of your organization.