Holloway Group

What We Do


Sometimes, within an organization or a team, something isn’t quite right. In order to move forward, you require a thorough assessment of the working environment– a snapshot of all the variables that define your workplace. Through observation, research, surveys and/or individual interviews, we gather data, analyze our results, and provide feedback for the entire group. From there, we help to diagnose organizational issues, and design collaborative processes focused on engaging team members in resolving these issues. More, we know what it takes for a group of people to embark on the journey toward higher performance, because we’ve been there countless times. The results of our assessments are the foundation upon which you’ll implement measured and successful change.


How We Can Help:

  • Data Collection – Addressing communication, leadership, focus and direction, teamwork, decision-making, and operational issues such as structure, roles and responsibilities, and workload.
  • Analysis – An organizational analysis is helpful in assessing an organization’s current well-being and capacity, and deciding on a course of action.
  • Feedback – An opportunity to share the findings from the data collection, and make recommendations for moving forward, successfully.