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Holloway Group is the culmination of over 30 years professional experience, over 500 active clients, and a lifetime of helping large and small groups effectively and strategically manage change in their lives. We’re interested in creating real, positive change, in response to real issues– starting with the individual.

For us, the quality of the work we provide, and the impact we make in the lives of our clients is what defines us, and what keeps us going.

We value collaboration, continuous improvement, integrity and developing genuine relationships with our clients. We know and have seen the value of the work we do: helping to solve problems, meet goals, and define the road ahead, while serving to create healthier and better performing workplaces.

Stacey Holloway

Founder & Principal

As the Senior Consultant and Principal at Holloway Group, Stacey helps organizations and the people within them bring about and navigate change. She has worked as a strategist, facilitator, interventionist, coach and trainer for over 30 years. Stacey’s consulting expertise includes strategic planning, leadership development, workplace culture interventions, job performance training, and coaching for executives, individuals, and teams.

Stacey is in demand across North America as a keynote speaker, thanks to her participatory presentations filled with energy, humour and creativity. She is a also a Senior Trainer at the Justice Institute of B.C.’s Centre for Conflict Resolution.

Stacey has developed extensive training programs in leadership development, change management, performance management, conflict management and customer service. As well, she has developed a resource for high school teachers and students: Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills for Youth. A graduate of UBC, Stacey also received a certificate in Conflict Resolution with specializations in managing conflict, anger management, collaborative communication skills, negotiation, and mediation.

Say hello: stacey@hollowaygroup.ca